Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marcus + Madison

 My baby sister got married last week, I still can't believe it.  She was my little buddy growing up. We had the same best friend for quite a few years which meant we spent lots of days playing together in the summer jumping on tramps and having sleepovers.  Even though we are different in more ways than we are similar we still have that special connection that only sisters have.  This one time we played catch phrase and I had just gotten a new word to act out and I couldn't think of a way to do it, so I just looked at Madi and she totally knew what I was going for and she guessed right without me even saying a word! Our brains are totally on the same page sometimes :).  I was just thinking the other day about how she's not MY little buddy (I say "little" but she taller than me, that stinker ;) anymore, she'll be Marcus's buddy.  It was kind of sad coming to that realization, but somehow really cool too.  Marcus is such a good guy and so good to Madi,  and they really are a perfect match.  I know he will take care of her better than anyone else could.  I'm so happy they found each other and so happy to have another brother.  
I've been holding on to their pictures until after the wedding so there will be a lot the next few days, here we go! 
 Her face is so sweet in this one, she looks so happy and content I just love it :).

And these are cream soda bottles folks, not bud bottles, just wanted to clarify ;)

I had been wanting to try this idea for a while and they were kind enough to be my guinea pigs.  I had planned on this just using this for my portfolio, but they ended up liking this one the best and used it for their engagement shot.


Bennion Lovin' said...

Kalli these are fantastic! Beautiful work. Wow.

Lindsay said...

This totally made me want to cry. I can't believe our baby sister is off and married! These pictures are incredible and totally show the love and comfort they have in their relationship. You're amazing, Kall!

Madison Heaps said...

:') Kalli your so sweet! I still remember that game of catch phrase... hahaha that was CRAZY!! Our minds really are connected! I can't wait to see the rest of the wedding pictures!! :D YAY!! I love you!!

richelle said...

Kalli, I love all of these pics!!! They do look so happy together, you did such a good job catching all of that joy!