Friday, August 21, 2009

Laurel & Justin

Funny story... So I was just telling Joel how I really liked the chipped paint on the playground equipment (it adds some sweet texture don't you think?) and apparently he is partially responsible for the paint job! Lol. He helped his younger brother paint all the playground stuff for his Eagle Project. I love how it looks in these pics, and I'm so glad these two wanted to take pics at a park! I love trying new locations!

I think this pic and the next one tie as my favorite of the day!

Cheryl & Jeff

More maternity pics! These two were so fun to shoot. They are natural in front of the camera and behind it! They both have SLR's so we had some fun talking shop :).

I know I already posted the color version of this pic, but I LOVE this b/w version as well. I just love the feeling of this picture.


Ha! This little guy was giving me a different face every second! It was so fun snapping away and seeing all the fun expressions.

These are a few outtakes from our sessions but I thought they were too funny not to post!


Ahh boys and their toys. Nothing like a drill to ease a little camera shyness.

I love this curious look on his face. It was one of the first pics I took of him. I think he was wondering what the big black thing was attatched to my face :).
Doesn't he have the most beautiful brown eyes!!!