Friday, June 5, 2009

Petersen Preview

These guys were such troopers. It was hot, and very very sunny, but I didn't hear them complain once. High five to Heather for picking out such a fabulous location! I've always wanted to take pictures at the salt flats. More pictures to come.

Larson Family

I love this family! They are family, but I would love them even if they weren't :). They were so relaxed and fun, it was great hanging out with them for the evening. I'm not finished with their pictures yet, but here's a little preview.


I haven't taken pictures of a little girl for a lonnng time so I was very excited when Samantha's mom asked me to take her pictures. She is adorable, and I just loved all the cute headbands they had for her.

Her little blessing dress was soo beautiful.