Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ashley+Dusty part II

Isn't she gorgeous!
Love the elevator shot! Totally can't take credit for the idea though, saw it on another photo blog but can't remember who's! If you recognize it let me know I think I need to thank them for their genius :).

What a good looking couple!


Lindsay said...

Hello! Gorgeous!!! I want an elevator picture!!!

Melissa said...

LOVE these Kalli! I'm so happy you did their photos for them!! Ashley is so great, I love her. And these pics look absolutely amazing. I LOVE that one of her from the back (in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg maybe?) and the elevator, so awesome. They were so lucky to have you!

kalli said...

Thanks you guys! Yes it was in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg! love that place.